In The Social Community

In the social community, humanity is what goes on among people who are strangers, acquaintance, or friends to one another. When in the community atmosphere where people are actively or silently and interactively co-existing manifest bona fide humanity.

Sitting down in a coffee shop cafe and observing, humanity is clearly shown.

Whether a single person is sitting down or working on something, a couple of people engaged in conversation, or a group of people appears in a discussion meeting, humanity is interestingly enough to be observed.

The single person is shaping humanity regardless he/she  is just sitting down or working because he/she is thinking either way. It is whatever that person is thinking at the time shapes his/her frame of humanity.

The couple of people engaged in conversation is shaping humanity of whatever topics of the conversation they are having at the time. Their exchanging messages describes the frame of humanity.

The group of people in the discussion meeting is shaping humanity of the intense interaction of thoughts and opinions exchanging among each individual. Their interactive exchanging thoughts and beliefs  resolving the frame of humanity.

The frame of humanity could be shaped, exchanged, and described as values to people or detrimental.

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