Looking For Humanity

It is funny. I would have no idea that I start my first book right at this second.

It is ‘Looking for Humanity’.

It’s time to write.

I am down. I have felt down before, but never liked this time

The world’s politics heads to overpowering supremacy and becomes invasively violent.

Individual nation insists on dictatorially suppressive controlling.

The parents of the family have been questioning me how to live on every moment.

A sparkle in the brain prompted it is the time to write.


How to live on?

Where else would be more appropriate to start off looking for humanity is to start looking for humanity from myself, in myself.

What prompted me to begin looking for humanity from myself is the question that I have been asking myself.

The question is ‘How to live on?’

One could say that I ask myself this question is because of my emotion.

Yes, I agree. But, I ask myself how to live on is also because of my experience.

It is exactly of my past experience that made me ask myself how to live on.

I would not dwell on the past as the past experience shouldn’t be used for comparison with others.

I would live on with the past experience backing me up because what I’d learned from the past became my wisdom.

How do I live on? I live on with wisdom.

The idea is born

A September day in 2014 realizing that the time is mingling among macro international invasions and violent conflicts, semi-macro Chinese suppressive powering dictatorially politics, and micro domestic cold hearted family spy war, I got that sparkle triggered the need of a letter to my son, which then spawned the book titled ‘Looking For Humanity’.

I shall then start this first writing project on this day September 5, 2014.

The Breakdowns

  1. As a Single Person
  2. In the Social Community
  3. In the Family
  4. In Parenting
  5. At Work
  6. At Play and Entertainment
  7. In Education
  8. In Politics
  9. In Economy
  10. In Wars
  11. In Rescues
  12. In News Reporting
  13. In Making Money
  14. In School
  15. In Hospital
  16. In Sports
  17. In Food and Water
  18. In Housing and Sheltering
  19. In the Mind
  20. Nature

A Letter to the Family

It is numbness.

I can not explain how I feel except that I am numb. A tree would have more lively feelings than I at this moment.

I am numb on political issues, on my parents, and, on interactive relationship.

It is numbness. If one let numbness take charge, one would turn into a chunk of dead wood.

Just like awakening, I know I need to write to my wife and son. Better yet, I would start my writing project after a letter to my wife and son because I am determined that now is the right time.

My writing project starts with a book titled ‘Looking for Humanity’.

Clarification on Humanity

I believe, before looking for humanity, I ought to be solidly clear on my position of perspective from which I look for humanity.

That is, I need to see both the opposite sides of the opinion when look for humanity on any subject.

1 more thought prior to begin writing

Brad Pitt said in the movie ‘Fury’ ideal is peaceful, history is violent.

I agreed. I have additions to what Brad had said.

I say present is uncertain, future is preset.

Ideal is Peaceful, History is Violent, Present is Uncertain, Future is Preset

This chain of thoughts pertains to humanity right on the dot.

It’s concept. It’s time. Concept and Time are inherent in human only.

What else is better than this thought base on which to begin the excursion of ‘looking for humanity’.

more thoughts after 1 more thought prior to begin writing

I have been thinking what I would do to help is that I would participate in the world of politics of which are the issues  that I would help to make changes for betterment. But I am not that person, because I am missing all the essences that are required of the person to have in order to be able to try to help. But today, I realize that what I can do to help is to look for humanity every second of my living. I have also realized that to help look for humanity is to write and think, take videos, and to be a truthful photographer.

What is Humanity?

Humanity is beyond life time.

Humanity is both a value and a virtue.

Humanity is also both intangible and tangible.

Humanity is there and is here.

Humanity is before and is after.

May I play the piano for humanity, for the first time and for the last time.

Humanity is the new comer and the departed.

As A Single Person

As a single person, humanity is in the person’s heart.

What would the person react and do to other people explains the humanity in the person.

How would the person interact with other people interprets the humanity of the person.

Humanity is the values which the person carries in the heart.

These values are simply LOVE and HELPING CARE.

Humanity is simply VALUES!

In The Social Community

In the social community, humanity is what goes on among people who are strangers, acquaintance, or friends to one another. When in the community atmosphere where people are actively or silently and interactively co-existing manifest bona fide humanity.

Sitting down in a coffee shop cafe and observing, humanity is clearly shown.

Whether a single person is sitting down or working on something, a couple of people engaged in conversation, or a group of people appears in a discussion meeting, humanity is interestingly enough to be observed.

The single person is shaping humanity regardless he/she  is just sitting down or working because he/she is thinking either way. It is whatever that person is thinking at the time shapes his/her frame of humanity.

The couple of people engaged in conversation is shaping humanity of whatever topics of the conversation they are having at the time. Their exchanging messages describes the frame of humanity.

The group of people in the discussion meeting is shaping humanity of the intense interaction of thoughts and opinions exchanging among each individual. Their interactive exchanging thoughts and beliefs  resolving the frame of humanity.

The frame of humanity could be shaped, exchanged, and described as values to people or detrimental.

In The Family

Naturally, family is the reflection of humanity. Or better yet, family is the origin of humanity.

In the family, mother gives birth to a child who will then become a full grown adult, Mother and father will both raise and care for, protect, feed and cloth, educate, and love the child; and these are natural reflection of humanity.

Family spawns humanity.

But, when a child is abandoned when born or deserted by the parents, there is no humanity because it is NOT a family.

Furthermore, when there’s abusiveness and/or adversary among family members, there is no humanity because it is a broken family.

In Parenting

Parenting is the natural basic humanity, although there isn’t any basic or complex humanity.

The act of parenting would be the core of humanity. Anyone who engages in parenting his or her own biological child is definitely humanity, while anyone who isn’t performing biological children parenting would be on the opposite of humanity.

Most distinctively, the act of parenting is the most vivid manifestation of the essence of humanity, it explains the very first, or the very basic, of what humanity really means to human.

If one tries to explain or describe humanity, one could utilize the act of parenting to help explain or describe what humanity is or really means. Parenting depicts vividly one human being caring, loving, helping, protecting to another human being. If this isn’t humanity, what is?

At Work

Is there humanity at work, in business? Or should we even bother to question it!

Well, many will say in business is like at war, at work is like fighting in battles, and I do believe humanity is the main issue in wars and in battles, so yes, there is humanity at work.

We set objectives both in work and in business so we do our best to reach them. But do we ever look for humanity while working on reaching these objectives? Or would it be even necessary to consider humanity in the competitive work office and business world?

Both work and business are competitive. At work, one’s goal would be to reach the top position in the company. Reaching the top would be by one’s true ability and luck, or by setting traps and stabbing-in-the-back. Would anyone love and help the colleague to get to the top by self-sacrifice? Humanity is how one would do at work.

In business, one’s objective is being the most successful among competitors. Reaching the objective would be by one’s true ability and best effective strategy, or by setting traps and fraudulent tactical actions. Would anyone love and collaborate with the competitor to be most successful and potentially put oneself to its own demise? Humanity is how one would do in business.

Oh yes, there is plenty of needs in looking for humanity at work.

At Play and Entertainment

Okay,  we are at play, we are in the enjoyment of entertainment. We are in the relax mode, what’s it of looking for humanity when we relax?

Let’s start off by asking when we be and how we feel as relax?

When we are relax we are in the comfort zone mesmerized by seeing humanity at work.

We feel relax because we’re merged in the comfortable feelings of having touched upon humanity as it takes place.

At play and in entertainment are all about being relax.

Being relax is as humanly as one mostly be.

In Education

Everyone is born with humanity, is it not?

So what is humanity in education? Does it mean we need to be educated with humanity?

Do we need to study humanity to learn about humanity?

If the question is what’s humanity in school, or does humanity exist in school? If humanity does exist, then what and how humanity should be taught in school?

Humanity certainly exists in school just like in anywhere people gather. So what do we learn about humanity with which we were born?

I would believe the inborn humanity is our feeling, but then how would we be educated with feeling? What should we learn about our feeling?

Making it simple, humanity is about expressing the action of our feelings. Humanity in education ought to be about exploring and understanding what and why we act upon our feelings; and may be furthering exploring and understanding the contingent and the consequence of our action upon our feeling.

Humanity in education is looking into why we do what we do base upon our feeling.

In Politics

Politics is humanity because it’s everything about people, on people, for people.

Any political legislature and public policy ought to be based on humanity.

A politician’s belief and opinion are based on humanity. A politician’s behavior and action are based on humanity.

It is actually really simple when it comes down to running politics, just base on humanity. But then what does it mean by ‘base on humanity’? How should one interpret humanity and use it to run politics?

First, let’s examine what is humanity in politics. Well, the legislature, public policies, and the rule of laws are for the welfare and the well being of the people, that’s it, this simple! Would you think there should be more complex if politics is fair and justified policy?

Therefore, there is to say humanity is non-violent, fair, and justified human rights. Humanity in politics means humanity is to be observed and respected by all politicians running politics for people, on people, about people.

In Economy

In good times, in bad times, humanity is in the economy whether it is good times or bad times.

Economy is driven and shaped by a symphony orchestra composed of all types of good and bad motivational energies, one type of good energy would be making things that help people out of misery, another type of bad energy would be greed.

The understanding of humanity in economy comes down to seeing how people are making their living and why are they doing what they have been doing to make their living.

Humanity is manifested in the how and why which then drive and shape the economy.

In Wars

Just how could humanity play any part in wars?

It could not!

War kills. Once it kills, humanity vanishes. That’s it!

It is very clear, any war is inhuman!

In Rescues

Contrary to wars, rescue is humanity!

Rescue saves life, the core of humanity. Saving lives defines what humanity exactly is although saving lives is just one of the many aspects of humanity.

Rescue is also helping people to stay alive, so it is humanity for that sense.

Rescue has a rich taste of humanity because it is the humanity of people saving and helping people. During rescue, the rescuers could be putting themself in danger or even sacrificing their own lives saving and helping others to stay alive.

The action of rescue manifest humanity while the rescuers are the meanings of humanity.

In News Reporting

This is about knowing and understanding humanity.

In the news reporting of a famine taking place in a country where the world don’t pay much attention, humanity is being violated and everyone else should have the responsibility to understand why and how the famine in this country would violate humanity.

In the news reporting of a deadly flooding taking place in a country where its civilization is at its peak, humanity could be violated at an affected area while humanity would be praised at the other affected area. Everyone else should have the responsibility to understand why at one part humanity was violated when humanity was praised at the other.

In the news reporting of an authoritarian country where other governing parties have no rights to intervene to help ease the government brutality on its citizens, humanity is violated apparently. Everyone else should have the responsibility to understand how the authoritarian government would violate humanity.

In Making Money

What’s humanity in making money?

It is about the value of humanity. To examine the value of humanity is to scrutinize the ethics in the business of making money.

When it comes to making money, people would be willing to patronize many ways of making money unethically. When something is done unethically, the value of humanity is devalued, or even destroyed.

In the business of making money, one of the most important values of humanity is fairness. Whenever there’s a breach of fair competition in the business of making money, the humanity in the money making process is violated or even broken.

In School

We start to learn about humanity in school, although humanity is to be learned and apprehended anywhere anytime throughout.

We learn about humanity as an academic subject in school, and we understand about humanity as going through experience.

When we learn about humanity in school, we study what is humanity, we discuss what constitute humanity, and we query how humanity affect and impact us.

As we live through experiences gained from our daily living, we will understand what humanity is, we will understand what constitute humanity, and we will understand how we are affected and impacted by humanity.

In Hospitals

Hospitals mend humanity.

Hospitals mend the anatomy of humanity.

Because every hospital is run by medical personnel, doctors and nurses. Doctors and Nurses have just one thing to do in their work, SAVE lives!

People whose humanity have been violated and broken are sent to the hospitals for the life saving doctors and nurses, who are then helping to cure them, to save them; mending the people’s violated and broken humanity.

A hospital is humanity in physical form.

In Sports

Sports is all about competition, so humanity in sports is humanity in competition.

What is humanity in sports competition?

How is humanity interpreted when a sportsman cheats in the competition?

How would the sportsman’s perseverance, diligence and resilience interpret humanity in the particular sportsman’s competition in sports?

How is humanity interpreted when the sportsman competes in the sports which ultimately injures or kills the sportsman?

How is humanity being violated when a sportsman competes in an unfair competition?

Do sports competitions have humanity?

In Food and Water

Food and water are the essentials which sustain humanity.

When in a part of the world food and water are so abundant that food and water have been wasted, another part of the world food and water are so scarce that many lives have been lost.

When food and water are wasted, humanity is violated.

When human lives are lost due to shortage of food and water, humanity is violated.

Food and water are from nature, but when food and water are contaminated by either nature or human, humanity is also violated.

When food and water are destroyed intentionally, humanity is violated.

When food and water are deliberately constricted to supply to sustain lives, humanity is violated.

In Housing and Shelters

Housing and shelters protect lives from being taken away by severe weather and disasters.

Housing and shelters protect lives from being attacked and killed by violent aggressors.

Housing and shelters protect humanity.

In the Mind

Humanity in each mind is unique.

Each mind would have a unique interpretation of humanity.

Each mind would have a unique view on humanity.

Each mind would have a unique perspective on humanity.

Each mind would have a unique understanding on humanity.

What is in your mind about humanity?


Humanity is Nature.

Humanity is air and water, without either, there is no people, no humanity.

We are dependent totally on air and water, likewise, we are dependent totally on humanity. Without either, we do not survive.

We are always looking for air and water.

We are always looking for humanity.

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