At Work

Is there humanity at work, in business? Or should we even bother to question it!

Well, many will say in business is like at war, at work is like fighting in battles, and I do believe humanity is the main issue in wars and in battles, so yes, there is humanity at work.

We set objectives both in work and in business so we do our best to reach them. But do we ever look for humanity while working on reaching these objectives? Or would it be even necessary to consider humanity in the competitive work office and business world?

Both work and business are competitive. At work, one’s goal would be to reach the top position in the company. Reaching the top would be by one’s true ability and luck, or by setting traps and stabbing-in-the-back. Would anyone love and help the colleague to get to the top by self-sacrifice? Humanity is how one would do at work.

In business, one’s objective is being the most successful among competitors. Reaching the objective would be by one’s true ability and best effective strategy, or by setting traps and fraudulent tactical actions. Would anyone love and collaborate with the competitor to be most successful and potentially put oneself to its own demise? Humanity is how one would do in business.

Oh yes, there is plenty of needs in looking for humanity at work.

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