In Politics

Politics is humanity because it’s everything about people, on people, for people.

Any political legislature and public policy ought to be based on humanity.

A politician’s belief and opinion are based on humanity. A politician’s behavior and action are based on humanity.

It is actually really simple when it comes down to running politics, just base on humanity. But then what does it mean by ‘base on humanity’? How should one interpret humanity and use it to run politics?

First, let’s examine what is humanity in politics. Well, the legislature, public policies, and the rule of laws are for the welfare and the well being of the people, that’s it, this simple! Would you think there should be more complex if politics is fair and justified policy?

Therefore, there is to say humanity is non-violent, fair, and justified human rights. Humanity in politics means humanity is to be observed and respected by all politicians running politics for people, on people, about people.

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