In Education

Everyone is born with humanity, is it not?

So what is humanity in education? Does it mean we need to be educated with humanity?

Do we need to study humanity to learn about humanity?

If the question is what’s humanity in school, or does humanity exist in school? If humanity does exist, then what and how humanity should be taught in school?

Humanity certainly exists in school just like in anywhere people gather. So what do we learn about humanity with which we were born?

I would believe the inborn humanity is our feeling, but then how would we be educated with feeling? What should we learn about our feeling?

Making it simple, humanity is about expressing the action of our feelings. Humanity in education ought to be about exploring and understanding what and why we act upon our feelings; and may be furthering exploring and understanding the contingent and the consequence of our action upon our feeling.

Humanity in education is looking into why we do what we do base upon our feeling.

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